Reloading Yard
Reloading Yard

We have our own reloading yard measuring 3,000 m2, and specialised
equipment which allows us to reload absolutely any kind of goods. We have the capability to reload hazardous, large or oversize consignments.

Professional Equipment
Professional Equipment

We have specialised equipment at our disposal with a load capacity of 3 to 37 tonnes. This means that
our experienced team of professionals is ready to reload any type of goods, including
very heavy and unusual loads such as stone slabs and blocks, machines, packaged cargo, etc.

Room For Every Load
Room For Every Load

A mere 12 km from the DCT terminal, we have 600 m2 of our own
warehouse space, fitted with all the necessary equipment. We are prepared to
store goods of any kind for an agreed time, or during reloading.

Safety First
Safety First

Safety is written into our company mission statement, and we attach great importance
to this aspect of our services. Every day we take care of the quality of our equipment.
Our employees are conscientious, prepared, trained and armed with the appropriate knowledge.


Why choose us?

We have our own warehouse and transhipment yard in Gdańsk (12 km from the DCT terminal). Thanks to specialized equipment (with a lifting capacity from 3t to 37t) and experienced and qualified staff, we are able to tranship any type of load, including very heavy and unusual loads such as stone blocks and slabs, machines, pipes, steel coils, sheet metal, various structures, general cargo, etc. We offer comprehensive port service and help organize customs clearance. In addition, we have sea and social containers for sale. Current offer available on request, please send inquiries to the e-mail address:

Free Space
Available Sets
Satisfied Customers

What else you can count on?

Other Services

Our offer includes shipping and office containers for sale.
At the client’s request we can also purchase and install flexitanks* in 20′ containers.

* FLEXITANKS - multi-layered plastic tanks enabling transportation of various types of non-hazardous neutral, food and chemical liquids of IMO Class / ADR.




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