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You say Multilog – you think certainty. We are one of the leaders in our industry, offering comprehensive transport and logistics services. Speed, professionalism and punctuality are the basis of our work.

Transport company Gdynia, Gdansk

We are not afraid of challenges; we have our own fleet of heavy-duty trucks, a loading yard, and most importantly – a team of experienced experts. We specialize in container transport, oversize cargo, and transportation of dangerous goods (ADR). We verify the total weight of containers (container weight verification – VGM) and our appropriate equipment allows us to handle cargo of various sizes, shapes, and weights (including blocks and stone slabs, machinery, pipes, sheets, and various types of structures). Our clients value us for our excellent preparation to carry out entrusted tasks.

Your cargo
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Road transport

Container transport

We specialize in road transport. Our services include transportation via Polish ports, both for imports and exports. We organize deliveries throughout Poland and abroad.

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Tarpaulin transport

In our fleet, we have dedicated vehicles for full truckload and less-than-truckload shipments, allowing us to transport any type of cargo to the specified destination.

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Oversize transport

We have specialized equipment that enables the loading and transport of oversized cargo. We handle permits and organize the necessary convoys.

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Forming / unloading

These are crucial processes in logistics. Careful arranging and securing of the cargo ensure safe transportation, while professional unloading minimizes the risk of damages and ensures the efficiency of the supply chain.

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Transshipment / Stowage of oversized loads

In our fleet, we have vehicles dedicated to full truckload and less-than-truckload shipments, which allows us to transport any type of cargo to the specified destination.

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We offer comprehensive warehousing services, including handling oversized elements, heavy machinery, blocks, stone slabs, and more. We provide unloading, container formation, and customs clearance. For less-than-truckload warehousing, we offer transshipment, palletizing, indexing, packaging, and shipping, tailored to your specific needs.

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You say Multilog – you think certainty!

Other services

Container depot

We specialize in road transport. Our services include transportation via Polish ports for both imports and exports. We organize deliveries throughout Poland and abroad.

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VGM weighing

We have our own weighbridge located at the loading yard in Tricity. Container weight verification (VGM) is essential before loading them onto the ship.

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Temporary storage warehouse

We offer temporary storage warehouse services, providing our clients with flexibility and the possibility to store goods at our premises. Our securely protected and supervised warehouse ensures the protection of stored products.

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Transport solutions
in Gdansk, Gdynia

Our mission

All our actions are based on a simple principle: reliable service delivery that provides certainty. We prioritize mutual benefits, and customer satisfaction is our highest value. We continuously develop our services and adapt them to meet the growing market demands.

Our vision

Development is crucial for us. In the coming years, we envision ourselves as a leader among companies engaged in road transport of containers. We study the market’s needs and proactively address them. Our reliability is our strength, and we believe it will give us a competitive edge.

Within our team, we place great emphasis on the value of people at every level of the business. When building our team, we not only look for people with the right skills, but also take into account their interests, passions and personality. We believe that relationships are key as they have a direct impact on the satisfaction of our clients. We believe that they are the foundation of our success.

Why us?

Own fleet

We are proud of our fleet of vehicles, which meet the highest environmental standards. We use the latest solutions available on the market to guarantee our customers, reliability and punctuality of deliveries, while reducing emissions. In addition, our cars, are equipped with technological solutions that significantly improve the comfort of our drivers.

Safe and fast deliveries

Our vehicles arrive on time – whether we are transporting oversized or standard goods. Thanks to the efficient management of our fleet, we schedule our work so that every transport arrives on site as quickly and safely as possible. And, in addition, every transport is covered by a EUR 2,000,000 insurance policy, so that you can rest assured.


15,000 TEU. This is how many containers we have been able to handle since the start of our company. Thanks to our experienced team, we are able to handle even the most difficult forming/unforming operations, at one of our three yards in Gdańsk and Gdynia. Each yard, is equipped with specialised handling equipment, with a lifting capacity of up to 50 tonnes, and a crew that can handle any subject efficiently and quickly.