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Why do clients choose Multilog?

We’re perfectly prepared to carry out the tasks commissioned from us. This is how we do it:

The loads entrusted to us are transported on our vehicles by experienced drivers. Any reloading necessary is done on our premisises using our equipment. We store in good conditions guaranteed by our convenient warehouse.

You say: MULTILOG.
You think:SAFETY

We believe that every link in the supply chain requires painstaking planning and prevention by maintaining the highest standards of action. So at every stage of the transport, reloading or storing, our watchword is safety. We never compromise when it comes to this.  At work we much prefer “thank you” to “sorry”

We'll get there! Even to the blue yonder!
We'll get there! Even to the blue yonder!

Right from the start of our cooperation, we guarantee the team’s total concentration on realising the tasks entrusted to us. We ask for you for confidence in us, underpinned by thousands of kilometres worth of punctual transport.

Basic Facts About Multilog
Basic Facts About Multilog

A modern fleet of vehicles for carrying different types of load.
An efficient workforce and specialised reloading equipment.
Our own reloading yard covering 3,000 m2.
600 m2 of warehouse space in Gdańsk.
And most importantly - attractive rates and a willingness to compromise!




Phone: +48 58 688 88 66

Email: multilog@multilog.pl

Address: Plac kaszubski 8, 81-350 Gdynia

Hours: Mon - Fri.: 8:00-16:00

Phone: +48 733 444 971

Email: multilog@multilog.pl

Address: ul. Gdańska 2, 83-021 Bystra

Hours: Mon - Fri.: 8:00-12:00

Phone: +48 733 444 829

Email: plac.gdynia@multilog.pl

Address: ul. Hutnicza 13, 81-061 Gdynia

Hours: Mon - Fri.: 9:00-1:00

Phone: +48 888 404 875

Email: plac.poleze@multilog.pl

Address: ul. Elbląska 89A, 80-720 Gdańsk

Hours: Sun. 18:00 - Sat. 8:00

Phone: +48 733 444 971

Email: plac.bystra@multilog.pl

Address: ul. Gdańska 2, 83-021 Bystra

Hours: Mon - Fri.: 8:00-00:00